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Remains of the Day: Now means now

Apple Maps is flying high (in some locations), Tim Cook gets duty in front of the jury, and Google Now may be available for iOS ... well, not now. But soon?

Contact search highlights Google Maps for iPhone update

An update to Google Maps for iPhone adds a feature lacking from the initial release in the form of contact searching, alongside other improvements.

Remains of the Day: Courtside seats

Some days, it seems as though Apple should probably just pitch a tent in the local courthouse.

Remains of the Day: iMod squad

Apple won't have a little bundle of shareholder joy next week, iOS developers can now get their map data from Mountain View, and one team of cops has mission--if they choose to accept it.

Remains of the Day: Radio buttons

iOS may have some radio features up its sleeves, Apple's pimping self-made e-book authors, and if you work in mapping and software, there are plenty of jobs in Cupertino.

ATECH Electric Assistance Bike - iWorld 2013

With the help of an iPhone and Google Maps, this stationary electric bike can simulate the terrain resistance of real-world rides.

Remains of the Day: To Siri, with love

One site delves deep into Siri's sordid past, iOS's Maps is keeping folks away from a trendy eating establishment, and a hot new iPhone app is all in the Apple family.

Remains of the Day: Without a map

An explanation for some (but not most) of Apple's mapping woes, Google's CEO exhibits l'esprit d'escalier on a massive scale, and you could be the voice of Siri.

Review: Google Maps for iPhone drives competition with Apple

The much-awaited Google Maps for iPhone will please many users who are disappointed with iOS 6's Maps and may even win some converts. Most of all, though, it steps up the mapping competition.

Google Maps tops 10 million downloads on iOS App Store

Google made up for months off iPhone with 48-hour return rush.

The Macalope Weekly: Spin city

Pundits spin the Macalope right 'round, baby, right 'round.