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Samsung releases faster memory for smartphones, tablets

Samsung has developed a fast version of low-power memory that could help speed up applications in tablets and smartphones.

Sony, Nikon, SanDisk plan faster Compact Flash cards

Sony, Nikon and SanDisk have developed a new specification for CompactFlash memory cards.

iFixit takes apart Apple TV, catalogs innards

The inimitable folks at iFixit have disassembled the new version of the Apple TV and declare it to be surprisingly eco-friendly.

iSuppli warns of looming DRAM shortage

Market researcher iSuppli warned Monday of the risks for a looming shortage of DRAM, the main memory used in personal computers.

Western Digital SiliconEdge Blue 256GB

Though the SiliconEdge Blue solid-state drive was fast and consistent over time, it wasn’t as fast (and it has a shorter warranty) as other SSDs we’ve tested.

Lexar's 128GB Echo SE flash drive features backup software

Lexar on Tuesday released a 128GB version of its Echo SE USB flash drive. About the size of a typical USB flash drive, the 128GB Echo SE is $500.

States settle price-fixing complaint against DRAM makers

Thirty-three states settle a lawsuit with DRAM makers over price fixing.

Remains of the Day: iPhone rumors never say die

The iPhone is packed full of RAM, Oprah’s got a surprise for her staffers, and you can now carry the soothing tones of Steve Jobs in your pocket—as if you didn’t already.

Eye-Fi Pro X2

The 8GB Pro X2 is the latest generation of wireless SD card from Eye-Fi. The card's Wi-Fi capability has been beefed up to a speedier 802.11n, and there's a new companion software for managing all card functions. In many ways, the software is the biggest improvement.

Eye-Fi to release Apple Store exclusive Wi-Fi memory card

Eye-Fi has announced the Eye-Fi Geo X2, a Wi-Fi-enabled memory card that will be sold exclusively in Apple stores in the US and internationally come May.