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Lok-It USB memory stick has built-in PIN keypad

A US company has come up with an original take on ultra-secure portable storage, fitting a full PIN entry keypad to a USB stick.

Intel stays atop chip market but Samsung gains in tough 2009

Intel remained the world's largest chip maker by revenue for the 18th straight year in 2009, despite an overall decline in the global chip market, Gartner said.

Eye-Fi’s X2 cards now faster with more storage

Eye-Fi’s new Wi-Fi enabled memory cards feature larger capacities, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and support for a larger network of Wi-Fi hotspots across the USA.

Active Media releases eSATA USB SSD Drive

Active Media unveiled the eSATA USB SSD Drive a portable flash drive that features both an eSATA connection and a USB 2.0 port.

Study: DRAM industry on the road to recovery

The DRAM industry is recovering from a slump as revenue more than doubled during the fourth quarter of 2009, iSuppli said in a study.

Buy the right SD card for your camera

That new camera won't be much use without a capacious memory card to store photos to videos on. But all SD cards aren't the same. Make sure you're getting the right card for the way you shoot.

Apple quietly adds new Mac Pro and Xserve configurations

In order to bring a little more parity to the Mac lineup, Apple has added new CPU and storage configurations to the Mac Pro and memory and storage configurations to the Xserve.

iFixit tears down new white MacBook, so you don’t have to

As usual, the team at iFixit has already taken it upon itself to disassemble Apple's latest new hardware—in this case, the white unibody MacBook

SD stands for...startup drive?

According to Apple, you can boot the latest MacBook Pro models from an SD card. Now that's pretty cool.

T-Mobile Netherlands spills the beans on iPhone 3G S specs

T-Mobile Netherlands has listed the technical specifications of the iPhone 3G S, including the processor speed and amount of onboard memory, on its website.