Don't-Miss Stories

Volumizer makes ejecting volumes easier

If you work with lots of drives and disk images, Volumizer makes it easy to access and eject those volumes.

MoofMenu puts your files in the menu bar

MoofMenu is a simple but useful (and quick) utility that lets you create a custom, hierarchical menu of files and folders in the menu bar.

Bjango goes commercial with iStat Menus 3 upgrade

For some time, users told a maker of popular donationware widgets and apps to start charging for its software. That is exactly what it's doing with a major upgrade to one of its most successful utilities.

Promising prospect: SecondBar

SecondBar puts your menu bar on multiple displays.

Notify 2 Pro metamorphoses into lightweight e-mail client

Vibealicious has just released a major upgrade to Notify Pro that turns the simple IMAP e-mail notification app for Mac OS X into a lightweight e-mail client.

Gems I’m thankful for

Sometimes we take for granted the little things that make our Mac-using lives easier. On this Thanksgiving holiday (here in the U.S., at least), Dan Frakes gives props to the Mac Gems he uses every day.

Reveal hidden menu bar icon functions in Snow Leopard

Get more power out of the AirPort, Battery, Sync, and Sound menu bar icons in Snow Leopard -- all with a simple key press.

Bluetoggle lets you toggle Bluetooth status

Bluetoggle lets you quickly toggle Bluetooth status -- and the Bluetooth menu extra -- on and off using a keyboard shortcut.

Xmenu lets you access files from the menu bar

If you're looking to free up some room in your Dock, XMenu gives you menu-bar access to frequently-used files and folders.

ScreenSharingMenulet makes quick work of Screen Sharing

ScreenSharingMenulet gives you an easy-access menu for initiating Screen Sharing connections.