Don't-Miss Stories

Promising Prospect: Yoink 1.0

Yoink gives you a temporary place to stash files you want to move between folders, workspaces, or even full-screen apps.

Scroll Reverser 1.4.2

Scroll Reverser lets you reverse Lion's scrolling by the type of device (trackpad, mouse, or tablet), as well as for just horizontal or just vertical scrolling.

Shortcuts 1.2

If you want more options for creating keyboard shortcuts than Mac OS X provides on its own, but you don't need a complex macro utility, Shortcuts is for you.

TidyTop 1.1

If you routinely clutter your Desktop with files and would like to make them temporarily disappear, here's a fine $1 solution.

FastScripts 2.5

If you’re not a frequent user of scripts or workflows, FastScripts probably isn’t for you. But for those of us who count on AppleScript to increase our productivity, FastScripts is worth purchasing for its keyboard-shortcuts feature alone. But it also offers a number of other features that make scripts more efficient and easier to use.

Seven Mac Gems for a steal

Mac software bundles are nothing new, but one particular bundle, which ends today, offers eight quality Gems for the price of one.

ScreenFloat 1.1.1

ScreenFloat makes it easy to take screenshots that float on your screen until you're finished using them. It also stores all screenshots in a convenient library for later access.

Fantastical 1.0

Fantastical is a nifty utility that handles most of the things you use your "big" calendar program to do, and its keyboard control and natural-language event-creation feature make it much easier and more convenient to quickly create new events.

Fantastical eases calendar event entry

Flexibits's new program, Fantastical, aims to make entering calendar events quick and easy.

Notificant 1.0.2

Notificant is a nifty combination of a Mac app, an iOS app, and a Web service that lets you set a reminder once and have it appear on all your devices. It's also a useful tool for quickly sending URLs and other bits of text between devices.