Don't-Miss Stories

iStat Menus 3.1 brings new combined view, sensor updates

An update to this system monitoring utility brings an optional compact view and support for hundreds of internal sensors across new Intel Macs, as well as PowerMac G5s and PowerBook G4s.

Watts 1.1.1

Watts is a nifty utility that provides detailed information about your MacBook's battery, improves on Apple's menu-bar battery item, and reminds you to calibrate (and walks you through the process of calibrating) your battery.

MenuEverywhere 1.2

If you’ve got a huge screen, or multiple screens, MenuEverywhere puts your menus nearer to your mouse.

BaseApp watches Basecamp from your menu bar

Basecamp is a popular project management and collaboration tool, but e-mail notifications for new activity can overload one's inbox. BaseApp lets you get notifications in your Mac's menu bar, either via a drop-down menu or more immediate Growl alerts.

Droplr 1.1.1

This clever service lets you drag-and-drop files, photos, and even code to share anywhere--Twitter, e-mail, your blog, you name it.

DateLine 0.95

DateLine provides at-a-glance access to your calendar information all with the flick of a mouse

Stay remembers just how you like your windows

Stay, a new Mac utility from Cordless Dog, restores your windows just the way you like them.

MoveAddict 1.51

MoveAddict adds the capability to cut and paste files and folders in the Finder, along with some nifty features such as folder merging.

WindowClipMBI simplifies single-item screenshots

WindowClipMBI gives you a systemwide menu for taking screenshots of onscreen elements. Just choose an item from the menu and a screenshot of that item is copied to the clipboard.

The best Gems of far

Despite all the iPhone excitement this week, your Mac is still chugging away. Take a look at our favorite Gems from the first half of 2010 and reward your "real" computer with some quality software.