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iFixit tears down the Magic Mouse

Apple’s new touchy Magic Mouse bares all at the hands of the iFixit crew, who once again work their dastardly destruction.

First Look: Apple Magic Mouse

Apple’s Magic Mouse has a creative new design that, upon first impression, you’ll either love of hate.

New iMacs and more

In this week’s special-edition episode we look at the “two” in the week’s one-two punch—Monday’s spectacular quarterly earnings and today’s raft of new Apple hardware.

Apple unveils multi-touch Magic Mouse

Apple's replaced its existing Mighty Mouse pointing device with the new Magic Mouse, which foregoes the rollerball in favor of a multi-touch surface.

Targus Wireless Mouse for Mac

Longtime users of Apple products won’t mistake the Targus Wireless Mouse for Mac as an Apple product, but it is certainly designed in the spirit of Apple.

'Mighty Mouse' trademark awarded, but not to CBS or Apple

Another company has been awarded rights to the name "Mighty Mouse," which may leave Apple in want of a new moniker.

USB Overdrive 3.0 adds 64-bit Snow Leopard support

Version 3.0 of Alessandro Levi Montalcini's venerable USB Overdrive utility for interfacing with USB input devices adds support for 64-bit Snow Leopard and more.

Apple releases Bluetooth, hard drive firmware updates

On Wednesday, Apple released updates for users of its wireless mouse and keyboard, as well as for recent MacBook Pro owners.

Logitech's new mice like shiny objects

Logitech has introduced a new line of mice that work on glass and other glossy surfaces.

Gyration Air Mouse

Although it’s cramped for on-table use, Gyration's Air Mouse is surprisingly comfortable when used in mid-air.