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Microsoft's moves foreshadow price hike for Mac Office

Microsoft has announced price increases for its Windows Office suite of as much as 17%, but its plans for Office on the Mac remain a mystery.

Office for Mac updated for Retina displays

The latest update to Office for Mac 2011 adds Retina display compatibility to Microsoft's productivity applications, as well as some changes aimed at Outlook 2011.

Writing tools we use

Whether we're covering a live keynote or writing a magazine cover story, we write a lot of stuff here at Macworld. This video gives you a tour of the many writing tools we use to publish our web site and magazine.

Microsoft Office: The killer Windows app

Microsoft Office 2007 for Windows is one of the most compelling reasons to run Windows on a Mac. “But wait,” you say. “Doesn’t Microsoft offer Office 2008 for the Mac? Why run the Windows version?” Simply put: because the Windows version can do some things the Mac version can’t.

What Visual Basic’s Office return means for Mac IT

Microsoft promised this week to restore support for Visual Basic for Applications to a future version of its Office suite. But the lack of VBA support in Office 2008 is only one problem for Mac users, John C. Welch writes.

Basic lesson: Microsoft listens to its users

Visual Basic for Applications is headed back to Office for the Mac in a future release. So what does that mean for the VBA-using Office user of today?

Microsoft releases Service Pack 1 for Office 2008

With the release of Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Office 2008, Microsoft has made improvements to the applications suite and the individual programs in it.

Microsoft to bring back Visual Basic in Office for Mac

With the next major update to Office for Mac, Microsoft will again give Mac users access to Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) scripting in Office documents. 3.0 beta shrugs off X11 3.0, the free Office suite alternative, has gone beta, and no longer requires X11 to run on Mac OS X.

Automating Word with AppleScript

Unfortunately, Word 2008 doesn’t support VBA. The good news is that, with a little tinkering, almost anything you could do with a VBA macro in previous versions of Word, you can now do with AppleScript in Word 2008.