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Office 2008 vs. iWork ’08: Can they get along?

We’ve compared Word and Pages, Excel and Numbers, PowerPoint and Keynote. But one question is still on readers minds: What about file compatibility?

PowerPoint 2008 vs. Keynote ‘08

We asked Franklin N. Tessler—our go-to expert on presentation programs—to use PowerPoint 2008 and Keynote ‘08 to create the same project, progressing from the basics (data entry and formatting) to more-advanced features.

Word 2008 vs. Pages ‘08

Which word processor is really right for you: Word 2008 or Pages ‘08? Jeffrey Battersby puts them in the ring and lets them duke it out.

Office vs. iWork

A trio of products share the spotlight in this edition of the Macworld Podcast. We start off with a showdown between Microsoft Office 2008 and iWork ’08—their respective spreadsheet applications, specifically. Then, we turn our attention to Photoshop Express, Adobe’s newly released online photo-editing site.

Bugs & Fixes: Two Word 2008 issues

Bugged by slow launch times or frequent crashes with Word 2008? Ted Landau has the solution to your woes.

Automating Word 2008 - Extra AppleScripts

We didn’t have for all of Joe Kissell’s AppleScripts for Word 2008 in the magazine. Here are three more. These scripts are all in the enclosed download file.

Back up Entourage with AppleScript

John C. Welch uses AppleScript to help him back up Entourage, including compatibility with Time Machine.

Office 2008 update improves security, stability

Microsoft has released an update to Office 2008 which improves stability and security, and makes some performance enhancements.

Keyboard shortcuts for Office spell check windows

Use some hidden keyboard shortcuts to speed use of the spell check dialog in Word and Excel.

Bugs & Fixes: Office 2008 installation mishaps

Ted Landau highlights problems with funky fonts and incorrectly assigned ownership that can stem from the installation of the latest version of Microsoft’s productivity suite.