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How to handle Notification Center annoyances

You might rely on the Reminders app, but sometimes its banner notifications stack up. That gets awfully annoying. Here are a few ways to handle things, without losing (or forgetting about!) your reminders.

Why you should use Mountain Lion's Spaces

Mountain Lion's Spaces can make you more productive and efficient. Kirk McElhearn looks at why you should use Spaces, and how it can simplify your computing tasks.

Apple releases OS X 10.8.3 with Boot Camp additions, bug fixes, and Safari 6.0.3

Apple on Thursday finally released OS X 10.8.3.

8 ways to hide files and folders in OS X

Maybe you have a laptop want to be extra safe. Maybe you share a computer and want to keep some things private. Whatever your reason for wanting to keep some files or folders hidden, we found eight ways to do it.

Configuring Parental Controls

In this week's Mac 101, Dr. Breen details the workings of Mountain Lion's Parental Controls.

When you finally move to Mountain Lion

Finally getting around to upgrading the Mac OS? Chris Breen points out the obvious differences you'll feel at first.

Gestures: Hard to use, harder to find

Kirk McElhearn loves keyboard shortcuts, but he's not a big fan of gestures to control his Mac or iOS devices.

Don't fear the touchscreen MacBook

Rumors are flying about an Apple wristwatch, but how about some chatter for a touch-enabled Mac?

Why every Mac owner should use Fast User Switching

If you're ignoring OS X's ability to quickly switch among multiple user accounts, Rob Griffiths says you're missing out.

What's wrong with the Mountain Lion interface

Rob Griffiths finally switched his main iMac to Mountain Lion. He likes Apple's latest OS, but he has a couple complaints, too.