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Apple releases Wi-Fi, EFI updates for 2012 Macs

Apple on Monday posted updates to the Wi-Fi and EFI firmware for almost all of its 2012 generation of Mac products.

Schedule Reminders on your Mac more easily

The Reminders app in Mountain Lion includes a hidden method for more quickly adding scheduled reminders.

System Preferences: General and Desktop & Screen Saver

Chris Breen begins the exploration of Mountain Lion's system preferences with two preference panes that control the look of the Mac's interface.

When good Macs go bad: Steps to take when your Mac won't start up

Senior writer Lex Friedman's friend Julian had a MacBook Pro that refused to start up. Here are the steps they took in their attempts to get the Mac working again.

Mac 101: Dealing with the Dock

In this week's Mac 101, Chris Breen explores the intricacies of OS X's Dock.

Q&A: Mountain Lion’s notifications

Love them or hate them, notifications are now a core feature of OS X. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about using these alerts and reminders.

Looking for disruption? It’s staring you in the face, bub

Believe Apple has lost its ability to disrupt existing technologies? Chris Breen suggests that Apple is engaged in one of the most difficult disruptions in its history--overturning its own legacy.

Sneaking past the Gatekeeper

Reader Richard finds his way blocked when trying to launch a favorite application. Chris Breen shows him the path forward.

Mac 101: Seek and find

In this week's Mac 101, Chris Breen shows you how to easily locate specific files and folders on your Mac.

Apple releases Supplemental Update 2.0 for Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Apple on Tuesday released a Mountain Lion update for 2012 Mac systems.

Apple to kill Messages beta for OS X Lion next month

Apple has told Mac owners running OS X Lion that the beta of Messages, its replacement for both the older iChat instant messaging service and SMS (short message service) texting, will expire Dec. 14.