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Mac 101: All about windows

Before Microsoft Windows there were windows on the Mac. Chris Breen offers a tour.

Review: Apple Mail 6 features better search, VIP email treatment

The previous version of Mail looked radically different from its predecessors. The new Mail 6 that comes with Mountain Lion seems nearly identical—its changes are small.

Mac 101: Meet the Finder

Now that your Mac has started up, let's take a look at the first thing you see--the Finder.

Mountain Lion's Calendar: Your questions answered

Today’s Calendar application is more than just a simple date book. Here are answers to the Calendar questions that Chris Breen hears most often.

Apple releases Supplemental Update 1.0 for Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Apple on Thursday rolled out a minor update for users of 10.8.2 addressing a few rare bugs.

Mac Gems: Sticky Notifications posts reminders on your screen

Sticky Notifications lets you use Mountain Lion's Notification Center to post simple reminders for yourself.

Changing Safari 6's default RSS reader

When opening your first RSS feed from within Safari 6 you chose one RSS reader application. You'd now like to use a different reader but Safari says "nuh uh." How do you go about changing it? Chris Breen reveals all.