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The Macalope Weekly: Tablet trouble

Lenovo find the iPad lacking, but don't tell that to all the people buying iPads. And Microsoft's playing the name game again. That always ends well.

Taiwan worries new Apple patent could target ultrabooks

A Taiwan government office is warning local PC vendors of a new Apple patent for its MacBook Air that could be used in legal action to try and stop the sale of ultra book models.

Remains of the Day: Frenemy fire

Samsung tries to recast its tablet as forbidden fruit, Siri goes abroad and learns some new tricks here at home, and Walter Isaacson is going to milk his cash cow until the, uh, cows come home. And stare at him accusatorily.

The Macalope Weekly: Low barrier to entry

What does it take to be a pundit? Not much, apparently.

IDC lowers forecast for PC sales this year

Analyst firm IDC has lowered its expectations for the global PC market this year, blaming the drop on the demand for tablets computers, the economy and a bad first quarter.

Intel to add new hibernation features to PC chips

Intel is adding a pair of new features to chips used in notebooks and netbooks, one of which will allow the devices to turn on within five to six seconds after being put in hibernation mode.

Apple's iPad 2 reignites post-PC discussion

A growing number of analysts believe Apple's iPad 2 will bridge the remaining gap between laptops and tablets in 2011.

Hands on with Google Chrome OS

Google has begun distributing test units of its first Chrome OS netbook, the CR-48, and contributor Joel Mathis got his hands on one.

ChangeWave: iPads cannibalizing netbooks

Apple's iPad tablet computer is indeed taking a big bite out of planned netbook sales, according to market watcher ChangeWave.

Analysts dispute talk of iPad's impact on PC sales

The death of the PC industry at the hands of Apple's iPad has been greatly exaggerated, analysts said.