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The Macalope Weekly: Smells like teen spirit

It's flashback week for the Macalope, as silly pundits try to cast the smartphone wars as the PC wars, part deux. Meanwhile, one iPad rival flashes forward to an unlikely future.

The Macalope Weekly: Oh, that word

People sure like tossing around the word "fail." This week, the Macalope takes a look at f-word targets beginning with 'a': Apple, Adobe, and Asus.

Remains of the Day: Why don't we just call it iPadworld?

The iPad is affecting people in all kinds of ways: Some break the law for it, some are cutting back on netbook shipments, and some are feeling really blue about its limited font support.

Analyst firm says iPads to overtake netbooks by 2012

With its iPad capturing 6 percent of the portable PC segment in the second quarter of 2010 Apple will continue lead the media tablet market through at least 2011.

HP closes Palm deal, confirms WebOS tablet

HP finished its acquisition of Palm and confirmed it will use the company's WebOS in future tablets and netbooks.

Experts: iPad, tablet rivals will kill netbooks

Slate-style devices, like Apple's iPad, are expected to outsell netbooks by 2012, according to Forrester Research.

PC shipments to grow this year as economies recover

IDC said worldwide PC shipments would grow by 19.8 percent this year compared to 2009.

AT&T raises some early termination fees

Come June 1, AT&T will raise its early termination for smartphones and netbooks, sparking speculation about the next iPhone and Apple's potential for offering it on Verizon. Customers of "feature phones," however, can enjoy a lowered fee.

Intel's Otellini: Netbook market on the rise

Intel CEO Paul Otellini said netbooks are on the rise as consumers purchase the device as a primary PC.

The Macalope Weekly: Mass hysteria!

The Macalope is forced to agree with a silly pundit, there's another chapter in the epic saga of the iPhone OS and Flash, and does Apple really look all that evil?