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HP's smartbook may battle it out with Apple's iPad

HP's AirLife 100, released on Friday, could face a competitor in Apple's iPad, analysts said.

Gates: iPad nice, netbooks better

Speaking to BNET, the Microsoft chairman, who had admitted to being in awe of the iPhone on first release, saw nothing in the iPad to really excite him.

The Macalope Weekly: Pad derangement syndrome

Once again, the iPad rules the week's news. Is it the best thing since Apple first sliced a loaf of bread, or an unmitigated disaster? The Macalope looks at what the Internet thinks.

How does the iPad compare to netbooks?

Apple has revolutionized product categories otherwise filled with mundane devices. The iPod bought excitement to media players, and the iPhone redefined smartphones. Now Apple is trying to convince users to drop netbooks, and go for the iPad. But do the two devices really compare?

The Macalope Weekly: Welcome, all-knowing iPad!

Apple has finally let the iPad out of the bag, but if you thought that would put an end to the speculation, the yelling, and the tears, then you must be new here.

Report: Tablets to sell big in 2010

Deloitte predicts that tens of millions tablet computers will sell over the next 12 months.

The Macalope Weekly: Free Apple tablet!

Did the Macalope say free apple tablet? He meant Apple tablet-free, because this week's installment focuses on the Nexus One-iPhone battle that wasn't, PC market share numbers, and one writer's lonely campaign to paint Apple as the new Microsoft.

Could a tablet replace your notebook?

With all the tablet talk coming out of last week's Consumer Electronics Show, PC World's Jeff Bertolucci wonders if tablets can replace laptops for some users.

CES 2010: Picks and pans

PC World wraps up its coverage of last week's Consumer Electronics Show with a summary of the gear it liked and loathed.

Of tea leaves and tablets

While others ponder the physical characteristics of an Apple tablet, Christopher Breen's mind wanders to intriguing ideas of What It May All Mean.