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Intel unveils details on Arrandale, Clarkdale processors

In advance of a presentation by Intel CEO Paul Otellini at this week's CES, Intel has released details of its latest Arrandale and Clarkdale processors.

Jobs to unveil Apple tablet next month, ex-Google exec says

Google China president Kai-Fu Lee says that Steve Jobs plans to unveil Apple's much-hyped but still unconfirmed tablet device next month

Will we see the famed Apple tablet next month?

Apple has booked a stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for late January. Could the mythical tablet be on the horizon?

Google phone and netbook hint at Apple playbook

With Google seemingly developing hardware and software, PC World's Tony Bradley wonders if Google is taking a page from Apple's playbook.

The Macalope Weekly Special Edition: Apple's mythical tablet

Who better to contemplate a mythical device like the oft-rumored Apple tablet than a mythical beast like The Macalope?

Macs retake reliability ranking top spot

Apple reclaimed the top spot in Rescuecom's computer-reliability ranking during the third quarter of 2009.

Google's Chrome OS stands to make waves

Google's Chrome OS may be a year away from shipping, but the potent mixture of one of tech's most prominent companies and the mostly stagnant OS market is worth watching.

Hack brings 10.6.2 back to Atom processors

The latest Snow Leopard can now run on Atom processors, as long as you're willing to replace the kernel with an Internet download.

Google to provide update on Chrome OS

Google may make an announcement about Chrome OS this week.

OS X 10.6.2 update breaks Hackintosh netbooks

The latest update to Snow Leopard removes support for the Atom processor, putting an end to "hackintosh" netbooks -- at least for now.