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The Macalope Weekly: You should see the other guy

Will Apple pick up marketshare from Windows 7's release or not? Either way, expect to see them dish out a whole new bowl of dings at Microsoft's expense. And Michael Dell says something sensible—The Macalope is shocked!

Microsoft Courier tablet prototype appears on Web

A prototype of a new tablet-like Microsoft device named Courier surfaced on the Web late Tuesday.

The Macalope Weekly: Lies, damned lies, and statistics

This week the Macalope considers the many types of lies, including, but not limited to, lies, damned lies, lies of omission, statistics, and, of course, advertising.

Survey: Asus, Apple provide most reliable PCs

Asus, Apple were the most reliable PC vendors in the U.S. during the second quarter, according to a PC reliability survey from Rescuecom.

Verizon offers free netbooks with BlackBerry Tour

Verizon Wireless is offering BlackBerry buyers any phone or data device free if it costs the same or less than the smartphone.

Frankenbook! Another look at hacked Mac netbooks

Rob Griffiths becomes the latest Macworld editor to dive into the world of OS X on a miniature Windows laptop. This time, it's a Dell Mini 10v, a slightly-larger version of the Dell Vostro A90.

Mac 911 and the summer vacation

Lessons learned during a recent summer vacation.

Apple and Microsoft: tale of two earnings reports

Computerworld's Dan Turner contrasts Apple's recently quarterly earnings announcement with the bleaker news from Microsoft and finds that the results say a lot about how the two companies go about their business.

Chrome OS may fail even as it changes computing forever

Google may not care if Chrome OS succeeds or fails, PC World’s Tom Spring says.

Google OS means actual netbooks, not trouble for Apple

Despite some analysts' claims, Google's Chrome OS isn't a big threat to Apple. On the other hand, it has a shot at success in particular markets.