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Apple has squandered the gift that was Vista

PC World's Michael Scalisi thinks Apple missed an opportunity to win over converts put off by Microsoft Vista.

Intel pushes low-power chips for sleeker laptops

Intel ships an ultra low-voltage processor for affordable ultrathin laptops.

Google keeps quiet on Android laptop plans

While two Android-based laptops debuted ahead of the Computex exhibition, Google declined to comment on whether its working on adapting Andorid for laptops.

E-reader screens coming for netbooks

Screen start-up Pixel Qi is showing off its first 10.1-inch screen for netbooks at Computex next week.

The Macalope Weekly: The waiting is the hardest part

Apple and Microsoft: two great tastes that taste great together? Also this week, has Microsoft topped Apple in the war of brands, and who better than mythical beast to talk about a mythical tablet?

AT&T to sell 3G netbooks across U.S.

AT&T plans to start selling netbooks nationwide in the U.S.

The Macalope Weekly: Fight, fight, fight!

If it costs $30,000 to fill an iPod, the Zune should have no trouble competing, right? And with talking heads dithering over whether Steve Jobs will return, new iPhone in hand, it appears that the fuss over netbooks may finally be dying down.

Netbook shipments rise sevenfold during first quarter

IDC said worldwide netbook shipments went up sevenfold to roughly 4.5 million during the first quarter of 2009.

Apple: The low-price leader?

In a bad economy, should Apple slash prices or keep selling the high-quality, high-value products that have made it a success?

The Macalope Weekly: Such stuff as dreams are made of

With rumors abounding of an Apple media pad, the Macalope takes it upon himself to voyage into dreamland and have his fill of the cotton candy and marzipan that will no doubt make up this mythical device.