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First Android netbook to cost about $250

The first Android-based netbook computer could become available in three months and cost around $250.

The Macalope Weekly: The hits keep coming

The economy may be down, but Apple's up, and so are the Macalope's spirits. Well, until they get crushed by the weight of all those negative nancys on the App Store.

Apple to netbooks: Drop dead

Apple's Tim Cook took the netbook market to task for cramped keyboards, junky screens, and more, even saying they weren't even really personal computers. What does this mean? Jason Snell smells a new Apple product.

Report: AT&T doubling 3G capacity for iPhone, new devices

Are you an iPhone owner who has not quite seen AT&T's promise of "more bars in more places?" The wireless carrier is rushing to double its 3G network capacity to better handle the data-heavy demands of devices like the iPhone.

Qualcomm CEO: Netbooks may soon outsell notebooks

Move over, notebooks. Netbooks may soon become the personal computer of choice for millions of end users, Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs says.

Atom netbook chip propels Intel to top of market

Intel's Atom microprocessor helped it increase market share against rival AMD last year.

What the iPhone OS 3.0 update might really mean

PC World’s Melissa J. Perenson looks for deeper meaning in the timing of next week’s iPhone 3.0 event being held by Apple.

The Macalope Weekly: Mythical creature high school musical

The Macalope takes on the tiny new iPod shuffle, Apple layoffs, and yes, the Apple Netbook Rumor of the Week.

Reports: Apple netbook to launch later this year

Two reports point to a possible netbook launch from Apple in 2009.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show from Germany’s Cebit: traffic slows at the show, Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the highlights, a Fujitsu PC draws zero watts when switched off, Asus unveils a touchscreen prototype, MSI shows off a thin netbook, a car radio tunes into 16,000 stations, Greenpeace challenges IT leaders and a robot makes your tea.