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The Macalope Weekly: The tab wars

The Macalope takes on the dispute over Safari's tabs and the mythical Mac mini. At least we made it one week without a mention of "netbooks"—aw, crap.

Imaginary netbook & Pinch Media

We devote this episode of the Macworld Podcast to small things. Specifically, our two interviews look at netbooks and iPhone and iPod touch applications.

Why netbooks are killing Microsoft

The popularity of netbooks is hurting Microsoft’s bottom line. Computerworld’s Preston Gralla explains why.

Hands on with an imaginary Apple netbook

Jason Snell spends some time with an MSI Wind netbook hacked to run Mac OS X in order to figure out what it might be like if Apple made a tiny, low-cost laptop.

Hands-on with the Amazon Kindle 2

PC World’s Melissa J. Perenson spent some quality time with the Kindle 2, and found lots to like—and some things that still need improvement.

Kindle 2 e-book reader is thinner than iPhone’s new Kindle 2 e-book reader ships later this month for $359; it sports a complete redesign from the original and is thinner, with more memory and many new features.

Reading Apple's netbook tea leaves

Apple gave some tantalizing hints about what the company might be thinking about the Netbook category on Wednesday. Jason Snell tries to read the tea leaves.

Netbooks now more popular than iPhone

With more netbooks sold than iPhones in Q3 2008, ultraportable laptops seem to be on the rise.

Can Apple save the netbook?

With the cost of netbook models creeping upward, could Apple make a splash in the ultra-portable market? PC World’s Neil McAllister contemplates Apple’s rumored entry into the world of netbooks.

Hands on with an Eee PC netbook

Apple doesn’t offer a netbook and—if the comments of its executives are to be believed—has no plans to do so. Peter Cohen wondered what Mac users might be missing out on, so he tested an Eee PC from Asus.