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Net neutrality bill looms if court voids FCC order

If a federal appeals court later this year strikes down the Federal Communications Commission's open Internet rules, lawmakers will again press for legislation to codify the principle of net neutrality, a prominent House Democrat said on Tuesday.


TechHive: Comcast suspends data cap, searches for alternative

Comcast is suspending its 250 GB per month data cap while it searches for a better way to manage its network usage.

Mobile video might make carriers, providers clash

As mobile video finally starts to take off, content providers and carriers may clash over economics before they find a way to share the costs and benefits.

Senate votes against measure to kill net neutrality rules

The U.S. Senate has voted against a Republican measure that would have overturned net neutrality rules passed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission last year.

Verizon files challenge to FCC's net neutrality rules

Verizon Communications has filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's net neutrality rules, the company said Friday.

FCC moves toward implementing net neutrality rules

The FCC on Thursday took a procedural step toward publishing the net neutrality rules it adopted back in December in the Federal Register, the official U.S. government publication for agency rules.

FCC chairman defends net neutrality rules

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski faced questions from House Republicans, who say existing antitrust laws are enough to protect broadband customers from selective blocking by providers.

Appeals court knocks down Verizon net neutrality challenge

An appeals court Monday dismissed Verizon's challenge of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's December net neutrality ruling, calling it premature.

Net neutrality rules face uncertain future after House vote

A U.S. House of Representatives vote to kill net neutrality rules may not survive in the Senate.

House passes defunding of Net neutrality rules

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed an amendment to its annual government funding bill that would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from using any funds to implement the Net neutrality rules it approved last year.