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Verizon-FCC net neutrality fight only beginning

Network World looks at what Verizon's challenge to the FCC's authority to enforce net neutrality rules means for the ongoing debate over net neutrality.

Verizon files lawsuit over FCC net neutrality order

Verizon has filed a legal challenge to FCC net neutrality rules.

Lawmaker: Congress will kill FCC's net neutrality rules

The U.S. House of Representatives will move quickly to kill net neutrality rules from the Federal Communications Commission, a lawmaker says.

What's in the FCC's new net neutrality rules?

The FCC's new net neutrality rules would prohibit wired broadband providers from blocking legal Web content and services.

What's next for the FCC and net neutrality?

The FCC likely faces a lawsuit and congressional action opposing its recent net neutrality vote.

Leaked bill aims to create net neutrality law

A leaked legislative proposal would create a net neutrality law while limiting the FCC's ability to create its own rules.

FCC asks for more feedback on net neutrality

The FCC will ask for a new round of comments on net neutrality, with the questions focused on managed services and mobile broadband.

Page-load survey informs net neutrality debate

Internet users have growing expectations for Website performance, with implications for a debate over net neutrality rules, authors of a survey say.

House Democrats oppose net neutrality deal

Four Democratic lawmakers voiced opposition to a net neutrality proposal from Google and Verizon.

Net neutrality supporters to protest at Google HQ

Opponents of a net neutrality proposal by Google and Verizon plan a rally at Google's headquarters Friday.