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Google, Verizon net neutrality plan limits FCC

Critics of a network neutrality proposal released Monday by Verizon Communications and Google have complained that it would exempt wireless broadband and managed services from enforcement, but the biggest departure from recent practices may be its proposed major limits on the U.S. Federal Communications Commission's authority.

Google, Verizon make net neutrality proposal

Verizon and Google announced a set of net neutrality proposals.

FCC calls off net neutrality negotiations

The FCC called off net neutrality negotiations with broadband providers and other groups.

Net neutrality deal may not see wider support

Reports of a net neutrality deal between Google and Verizon may not gain wider support.

Report: Google, Verizon in talks over net neutrality deal

Google and Verizon are reportedly in talks over how to manage network traffic, an agreement that could influence U.S. regulators.

Thousands call for FCC broadband reclassification

Thousands of U.S. residents call on the FCC to reclassify broadband as a way to pass net neutrality rules.

Judge approves Comcast traffic throttling settlement

A judge has approved a settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Comcast for its traffic throttling efforts.

FCC takes first step toward broadband regulation

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission took a first step toward imposing limited regulations on broadband providers.

FCC to consider first step toward broadband regulation

The FCC on Thursday will consider a notice of inquiry on reclassifying broadband as a regulated service.

Net neutrality wars entangle free speech

A congressman opposed to net neutrality has unveiled legislation that would require the FCC, if it passed net neutrality rules prohibiting broadband providers from selectively blocking or slowing Web content and services, to also enforce the rules on Web application and content providers.