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Weighing the economic impact of net neutrality

Tony Bradley thinks the debate over net neutrality is boiling down to an argument over economics as different sides paint vastly different visions of the economic outlook for the broadband and Internet industries should the FCC impose net neutrality guidelines.

FCC pursues broadband agenda in spite of legal setback

While a US district court may have ruled against the FCC's effort to impose its will on Comcast, the ruling won't have any broader implications regarding the agency's authority, says PCWorld's Tony Bradley.

After court ruling, what happens to net neutrality?

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is in legal limbo after a U.S. appellate court ruling Tuesday tossed out the agency's enforcement of network neutrality principles on broadband provider Comcast.

FCC delays net neutrality comment period

The FCC has postponed a deadline for comments on net neutrality to April 26.

How the FCC can still move on net neutrality

The FCC could still enforce net neutrality, but any way forward includes significant barriers.

Court rules against FCC's Comcast net neutrality decision

The FCC had no 'statutorily mandated responsibility' to enforce network neutrality rules, a US appeals court judge has ruled.

Lawyer questions FCC's authority on net neutrality rules

A former U.S. solicitor general questioned if the FCC has the legal authority to create net neutrality rules.

RIAA tells FCC: ISPs need to be copyright cops

The RIAA called on the FCC to allow ISPs to be copyright enforcement cops.

FCC moves toward net neutrality rules

The FCC proposed net neutrality rules in 2009.

AT&T offers new position on net neutrality

The FCC should back away from creating strict nondiscrimination rules requiring broadband service providers to carry all Internet content and applications, because such net neutrality rules could hurt investment in networks, AT&T said Tuesday.