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AT&T vs. Google: More than nuns or phone sex

A spat between AT&T and Google could create a distraction to the FCC's net neutrality rules proceeding.

AT&T accused of 'astroturfing' on net neutrality

AT&T asked its employees to contact the FCC in opposition to net neutrality rules.

Genachowski lays out FCC mobile strategy

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski outlined a four-part strategy for U.S. wireless communications on Wednesday at CTIA.

Will FCC pry iPhone loose from AT&T?

Network World looks at what the FCC's net neutrality push will mean for exclusive phone agreements, such as the one AT&T enjoys with the iPhone.

FCC net neutrality proposal is 'dramatic shift' in policy

Some critics say new net neutrality rules at the U.S. FCC would bring harmful regulation to the Internet.

FCC chairman calls for formal net neutrality rules

The U.S. FCC will move to create formal net neutrality rules prohibiting Internet providers from selectively blocking or slowing Web content and applications.

Report: FCC will formalize net neutrality rule

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission plans to establish formal net neutrality rules.

FCC report: Net neutrality important to rural residents

Enforcing net neutrality will be key to helping rural U.S. residents get the most out of broadband, an FCC report says.

FTC chairman: Agency may enforce net neutrality

The FTC could enforce net neutrality and take action against bad network management practices, the agency's chairman says.

Senator calls for new net neutrality rules

Ron Wyden, a Democrat from Oregon, thinks the FCC needs to pass strong new net-neutrality rules to prevent small technology entrepreneurs from getting crowded out by large broadband providers.