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The embarrassment of American broadband

Other parts of the world offer ultra high-speed Internet access for reasonable prices, so what is it that the United States is lagged behind?

Hey, Cox: Stop playing God with the Internet

Cox Communications has revealed a new bandwidth management plan in which it'll rank the importance of different kinds of...

FCC questions Comcast's treatment of competing VoIP

Two high-level FCC staffers question Comcast's treatment of competing VoIP services on its network.

Google, Microsoft say they still support net neutrality

Google, Microsoft dismiss reports they've strayed from net neutrality.

WSJ accuses Google of abandoning Net neutrality

Does Google's OpenEdge project mean the company is giving up on its support for Net neutrality?

Groups push for net neutrality in Obama administration

The Open Internet Coalition calls on Barack Obama to act quickly on net neutrality promises.

Canadian ISPs lose traffic-shaping case

Regulators in Canada have ruled that Bell Canada can continue to manipulate online speeds as they deem necessary.

Congress to push for net neutrality legislation

Congress will push for net neutrality legislation next year, one insider predicts.

AT&T testing DSL bandwidth caps

AT&T is capping the monthly bandwidth use of new DSL users in Reno, Nevada, to try out a system for reining in heavy network users.

Vodafone gives network neutrality a thumbs down

Vodafone doesn’t believe network neutrality will work as capacity demands continue to increase.