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Comcast appeals FCC’s network management order

Comcast has appealed an FCC order against its network management practices.

Critics question Comcast broadband caps

Some critics question Comcast's bandwidth caps for residential subscribers.

Comcast: No new traffic management plan yet

Comcast says it's looking at slowing traffic for its heaviest users during times of network congestion.

FCC rules against Comcast P-to-P throttling

The U.S. FCC orders Comcast to stop slowing peer-to-peer traffic.

Groups cheer reports of FCC acting against Comcast

The U.S. FCC is poised to take action against Comcast for slowign P-to-P traffic.

FCC moves toward prohibiting Comcast traffic management

The FCC moves to prohibit Comcast P-to-P traffic management.

New Comcast traffic management targets users, not protocols

Comcast announced this week that it will no longer target individual protocols for traffic shaping, and will instead slow Web traffic for individual users who consume what the company called a “disproportionate” amount of bandwidth.

Study: Comcast, Cox slowing P2P traffic around the clock

A study says Comcast and Cox are blocking some P2P traffic during all hours.

U.S. lawmakers introduce new net neutrality bill

Two U.S. House members introduced a bill that would subject broadband providers to antitrust violations if they block or slow Internet traffic.

Broadband group: Some P-to-P blocking reasonable

A broadband trade group representative told the U.S. Congress that carriers should be allowed to practice network management and slow P-to-P network access.