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FCC's Martin: Comcast blocking was widespread

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin says Comcast’s peer-to-peer blocking appears to have been widespread.

FCC Net neutrality hearing draws diverse views

The U.S. FCC heard a variety of views on network neutrality at a public hearing at Stanford University.

Analysis: Comcast sets its sights on peer-to-peer apps

As Comcast calls for a peer-to-peer Bill of Rights and Responsibilities, skeptics worry that such a plan might be light on rights.

Comcast, Pando call for pact on P2P rights

Comcast and Pando Networks have kicked off a drive to create a "P2P Bill of Rights and Responsibilities."

ISPs meddled with their customers' Web traffic, study finds

Researchers have tracked several ISPs that were injecting ads in to Web pages viewed by their customers last year.

Network World: Comcast paid people to stand in line at FCC hearing

A spokesperson for Comcast confirmed the company had paid some people to stand in line and act as placeholders for Comcast employees who wanted to attend Monday's FCC hearing on its traffic management practices, Network World reports.

FCC hearing weighs net neutrality

The FCC's board heard testimony Monday from advocates on both sides of the net neutrality debate.

Get Ready for a crackdown on broadband use

As traffic increases, experts say ISPs may start charging by the gigabyte, limiting use of some services and snooping at the data passing through their networks.

Is Comcast serving users or itself?

Comcast says it's protecting its users by shaping the contours of its Internet traffic. But is it simply protecting its own services from competition?

Inside Net Neutrality: Find an honest ISP

If your Internet provider engages in any of the practices outlined in our multi-part series on net neutrality, there’s no reason to keep doing business with that service. The best way to support net neutrality is to take your business to ISPs that don’t practice data discrimination. In this final part of our series, Mathew Honan tells you how to find them.