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iOS, Android devices corralled by new device manager

Android and iOS mobile devices now can be corralled by a Smith Micro device management application unveiled this week at the Interop show in Las Vegas.

Monitoring Internet usage

Does your network occasionally slow to a crawl when accessing data on the Internet? Here are a couple of tools you can use to discover what's chewing up your bandwidth.

iSSH for iPhone and iPad

Not every iOS user needs an SSH app, but those who do will appreciate this indispensable utility for iOS device-toting system administrators.

VMware's management client for iPad awaits Apple approval

VMware is waiting for Apple to approve a software client for iPads that will allow IT staff to manage their virtualized environments.

Protect your privacy: secure your network

It’s all well and good to take precautions when browsing, e-mailing, or using a social network. But if you’re doing all that over an insecure network, your privacy could still be at risk.

Using the Personal Hotspot on your Verizon iPhone

The Personal Hotspot feature turns a Verizon Wireless-flavored iPhone into a portable Wi-Fi router with an Internet connection provided by the mobile broadband network to which it's connected. Glenn Fleishman walks you through the ins and outs of this new iPhone feature.

Verizon to optimize content, throttle heavy data users

A new document at Verizon's site explains two new practices the carrier will implement in order to protect the stability of its network.

Five simple ways to speed up your home network

Squeezing the most out performance out of your network is called optimizing, and it isn't very hard, and it doesn't have to be all that expensive.

Apple updates Remote Desktop, adds widget

In addition to releasing the 3.4 update to Apple Remote Desktop, Apple also introduced the Apple Remote Desktop Dashboard Widget, which gives an at-a-glance view of remote computers on a network.

Mac IT Guy: password prompts

A reader wants to know: How do I remind Mac users on my network to update their Active Directory passwords? John Welch explains what's required.