Don't-Miss Stories

TeamViewer brings its remote control offering to the App Store

TeamViewer Pro is a $100 app that lets IT support staff remotely control PCs and Macs from an iPhone or iPod touch. There's also a free version available for controlling your personal computer or helping family and friends with troubleshooting.

Wyse PocketCloud for iPhone

Anyone who wants to control their desktop from their iPhone or iPod touch must contend with the limited screen space on their mobile device. This app tackles that problem with a flash of ingenuity, optimizing screen space without significant sacrifices in usability.

Are broadband usage caps inevitable?

Is it inevitable that broadband providers will cap the amount of bandwidth you can use in a month? Glenn Fleishman investigates.

Freedom locks down the Internet so you can work

If you've ever found the Internet to be a bane to your productivity, Freedom can help. This utility lets you temporarily block Internet access so you can get some work done.

Apple releases Remote Desktop 3.3.2 update

Apple on Monday released an update bringing its Remote Desktop software package to version 3.3.2, and improving the overall stability and reliability of the program.

Six ways to get online from anywhere

Can't find a hotspot? Don't worry: There are other ways to get online when you're on the road. Glenn Fleishman explains what they are and how to set them up.

Wake on Demand lets Snow Leopard sleep with one eye open

A new networking feature in OS X 10.6 lets you remotely wake up a slumbering Mac over Wi-Fi or Ethernet so you can access files and media stored there. But the feature won't work with every setup. Here's what you need to know.

Is your network fast enough?

Everyone wants a faster network. But you can't speed it up until you know how fast it's going now. Glenn Fleishman shows you three ways to do that.

Citrix Receiver for iPhone

For the Citrix administrator, this app offers a much longer leash, providing access to all of Citrix's administration tools without requiring the administrator to be tied to a desk. But when it comes to day-to-day work, Citrix Receiver is severely limited.

Apple updates Remote Desktop admin, client software

Updates to Apple's desktop management software offer many improvements.