Don't-Miss Stories

Netgear offers 8-port Gigabit Firewall for small business

The new ProSafe 8-Port VPN Firewall is a Web-configurable firewall for small business with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports and a host of security features.

Meerkat digs SSH tunnels

Meerkat takes some of the pain out of creating SSH tunnels, making it easier to make secure connections between computers.

Manage iPhones with Exchange

PC World blogger Michael Scalisi looks at what goes into supporting iPhones in a Microsoft Exchange environment.

ScreenSharingMenulet makes quick work of Screen Sharing

ScreenSharingMenulet gives you an easy-access menu for initiating Screen Sharing connections.

A new way to get iPhones under control

TrustDigital has released an updated version of its mobile device management software, with improved support for the iPhone, including the new 3GS model, and iPod touch.

iNag for iPhone

If you are running Nagios on your network, have an iPhone or iPod touch, and need to be able to talk to Nagios from those devices, iNag is a no-brainer, even with some interface annoyances.

What’s Goin Down 2.0 adds new user interface

What's Goin Down 2.0 is a new version of the iPhone TCP server monitoring tool, now with a new user interface and expanded capabilities.

MacProxy enables system-wide proxy support

MacProxy lets you surf anonymously by routing all your Mac's Internet traffic through a Web proxy server, even if individual apps don't support proxies.

TeamViewer Manager remote support app now available for Mac

TeamViewer GmbH has released a Mac version of TemaViewer Manager, the database tool that works as part of their remote control software package.

Kace to boost Mac features in systems management appliances

The company plans to introduce changes to its family of Kbox appliances this summer that will let IT administrators manage Windows and Mac OS X machines from a single interface on a single appliance.