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Buyer's Guide: Powerline Networking

If your wireless networking isn't doing the job, the solution could be in your walls: The powerlines that transmit electricity can also transmit data. Here's how to take advantage of them.

Buyer's Guide: Wi-Fi Routers

While Apple's own Airport base stations work fine, sometimes third-party wireless hardware makes more sense. Becky Waring explains how to buy and install WiFi routers from other vendors

When AirPort is not enough

If Apple’s wireless hardware isn’t doing the job, here are your best alternatives.

Buyer's Guide: Ethernet Switches

If your Airport network isn't keeping up with your family's demands, you might need to upgrade it. Your first choice: Good old wired Ethernet. Here's how to choose and install the right hardware.

Review: RemoteTap for iPhone

RemoteTap lets you remotely control a Mac using your iPhone or iPod touch on a wireless network. It also works over the 3G network, but you’ll need to take extra precautions to keep your data safe.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show: Obama outlines an ambitious tech plan, Sony falls victim to the economic crisis, the mouse turns 40, a gadget-filled smart phone is at 3GSM, Cisco TelePresence translates, Tsubame supercomputer impresses, Asustek’s Eee Top debuts, the US Air Force shows insect-size robots and Google details the top 10 of 2008.

Zenoss Core sysadmin tool adds native Mac OS X installer

Zenoss Core, an open source IT administration tool, is now available with a native Mac OS X installer.

Setting up and using SNMPv3 on OS X

When it comes to checking on your network, Simple Network Management Protocol offers a relatively low-bandwidth way to see what’s happening. Version 3 of the protocol adds an extra layer of security. John C. Welch shows you how to set up SNMPv3 and explains why you would want to.

How to set up a cross-platform network

As your business grows and you add employees and computers, you’ll need to find a way to connect them—especially if you’re working in a cross-platform environment. By using suitable off-the-shelf networking equipment and the various operating systems’ built-in tools, you can connect your heterogeneous hardware to the universe in short order.

Spector Pro mac monitors computer activity

Spector Pro mac 2009 is surveillance software that lets you keep an eye on what's going on on remote Macs on your network.