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The Macalope Weekly: Spurious arguments

The Macalope's not saying that you can't criticize Apple. He's just saying you should make some darn sense when you do.

The next iPad mini: You want Retina with that?

Analysts predict that the next iPad mini will have a Retina display. And also that it won't. Lex Friedman thinks at least one of them is probably right.

The Macalope: iPad mini doomed yet again

For a hot selling device it's amazingly doomed.

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Clockwise 4: Sharing your leftovers

TV industry changes, the sharing economy jumps the shark, cameraphones versus cameras and phones, and Google's latest tablet offensive. With guests Jon Phillips and Armando Rodriguez and hosts Jason Snell and Dan Moren.


The Macalope: Just another pretty face

And now, the mystery of the iPad mini's appeal explained!

Weighing the iPad mini versus the Nexus 7 is no easy task

Apple used to have a clear advantage in the tablet market. Now this iPad lover has to decide whether to stick with the familiar iPad mini, or shift to the Nexus 7.

Spinner Rick

The iPad as a comic-book reader

Jason Snell summarizes the current state of affairs when it comes to using the iPad and other tablets as comic-book readers.

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Cyber Monday sales break records for retailers

Consumers looking for deals on tablets boost Cyber Monday sales to nearly $2 billion.


Windows 8, iPad, and Android: Previewing tech's busy week

The next seven days offer a slew of mobile product announcements and releases, ranging from Apple's anticipated iPad Mini to Microsoft's first tablet, refreshes from Samsung and Google, and a promotion of the first Windows 8 devices.