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View inline PDFs in Firefox 3

While you can view PDFs in a browser window using Safari, you have no such luxury with Firefox 3. But now there’s an extension called ‘firefox-mac-pdf’ allows you to do just that.

Review: Acrobat 9 Pro

Minor to moderate improvements and enhancements abound for all with Acrobat 9 Pro. Look for streamlined document collaboration and review and easier form creation and distribution.

PDFpen editing tool handles newer, non-standard PDFs

PDFpen, the PDF editing tool, has been updated to handle newer PDFs that follow different specifications.

AutofillPDF-Labels speeds up label making

AutofillPDF-Labels helps speed up label making, and supports any PDF software.

Adobe releases Reader 9

Adobe has released Reader 9, a new version of its PDF reading software for Mac OS X.

ISO approves PDF as an international standard

The ISO has approved PDF as an international standard.

Adobe releases Acrobat, Creative Suite updates

Adobe shipped the latest version of Acrobat Pro that it announced earlier this month; also, the company updated its Creative Suite software to include Acrobat Pro 9.

Researcher slams Adobe for ‘epidemic’ of JavaScript bugs

Adobe patched its free Reader and commercial Acrobat software this week to plug the latest in what one researcher called an “epidemic” of JavaScript vulnerabilities.

AppleScript versus Alameda County

Jason Snell battles a wonky Java applet to get a readable version of a court case.

Acrobat finds a new home on the Web

James Dempsey takes a look at Acrobat 9 Pro and—that latest PDF-creation tools announced by Adobe this week.