Don't-Miss Stories

Zen Viewer HD for iPad

This app, which lets you read, view, and listen to many common types of files, has style and potential. But at this point, it's missing the reliability most users would want in their default file viewer.

How to quickly sign digital documents

There are plenty of ways to embed your "signature" in digital forms. But Lex Friedman has figured out an especially clever one.

Mac essentials: PDFs

We all use PDFs all the time. But do you really know how do so as efficiently as possible? Here are the four things every Mac user should be able to do with PDF files.

Save2PDF for iPhone and iPad

This PDF creation app fills a unique need on the iOS platform and does the job quite well.

Automator workflow of the month: From PDF to iBooks

Want an easy way to read your PDFs on your iPhone or iPad? Here's how to use Automator to add PDF files to iBooks from within Preview.

Open two instances of Preview at once

Sometimes it'd be handy to view a single PDF file in two windows. But generally speaking you can't open the same document twice in a single app. Here's a way around that restriction.

Reader X spoils new PDF attack

Adobe's Reader X, last year's upgrade that features a "sandbox" designed to protect users from PDF exploits, stymied a recent attack campaign, researchers say.

The iPad at work: Annotating PDFs

There are all kinds of ways to import and read PDFs on Apple's tablet. But marking them up is another thing altogether.

Expo: Recosoft announces InDesign-to-Office conversion tool

ID2Office converts files from InDesign CS4 and CS5 into Microsoft Word and PowerPoint file types, preserving the layout of the original.

Print PDFs directly to Dropbox

Take advantage of Mac OS X's PDF features in the Print dialog box by virtually printing PDFs directly to your Dropbox folder.