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More ways to convert .docx files to .doc

A couple of months ago, we told you how to convert .docx files to .doc format without Microsoft Word. Hints readers remind us of a few more ways to do the same thing.

GoodReader for iPad adds VGA output, performance boost

GoodReader for iPad, Good.iWare's acclaimed all-purpose reader, has received an update to version 2.8, adding support for horizontal page turning for PDF files, VGA-out, and a few other goodies.

Adobe delays Reader patch as attacks spread, exploit code goes public

Adobe will patch a critical Flash bug on Thursday, but has decided to postpone a fix for an associated flaw in the Reader PDF viewer until the end of the month.

Adobe to switch on silent PDF updates for Reader, Acrobat

Adobe will flip the switch next week on a service that silently updates customers' copies of its popular Reader and Acrobat PDF programs, the company's chief security executive said.

GoodReader comes to the iPad

GoodReader, the acclaimed file preview app for iPhones and iPod Touches, has arrived for iPad with a brand new Tablet Edition.

ShrinkIt shrinks your PDFs

ShrinkIt is a free utility that uses OS X's built-in PDF-processing functionality to reduce the size of many PDF files with no loss in quality.

Researcher: Rogue PDFs account for 80 percent of all exploits

According to ScanSafe, vulnerabilities in Adobe's Reader and Acrobat applications were the most frequently targeted of any software during 2009, with hackers' PDF exploits growing throughout the year.

Focus on PDF conversion

Recosoft, specialists in PDF conversion software, released a new product and an upgrade just in time for Expo.

Macworld 2010: PhotoPresenter 4 and PDF2Office for iWork

In this video from the show floor, Jackie Dove looks at two programs: PhotoPresenter 4, a tool that lets you create animated slideshows; and the debut of PDF2Office for iWork, which lets you covert PDFs to Pages- and Keynote-formatted documents.

Adobe to rush out another critical Reader patch

Adobe patched a critical Flash Player issue Thursday and said it will issue a fix for Reader and Acrobat on Tuesday.