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New phishing attack chats up victims

RSA says phishers are now using Jabber to set up fraudulent online chat sessions on their fake Web sites.

Apple clarifies iPhone anti-phishing feature

Over the weekend, Apple responded to questions about how the new anti-phishing feature of the iPhone 3.1 software works.

iPhone 3.1's anti-phishing: not better than nothing?

The iPhone 3.1 update supposedly added anti-phishing protections, but it would seem that the system is buggy and inconsistent.

Twitter hit with phishing attacks

Twitter was being hit Thursday by a new round of phishing attacks.

Facebook slammed with another phishing attack

Facebook was hit with yet another phishing attack Thursday as malicious e-mails went to some of the social networking site's 200 million users.

Phished Facebook accounts become spammer's tool

Facebook accounts that were phished last week are now being used to send spam.

Phishers hit Facebook with scam messages

Facebook users were hit with a phishing attack Wednesday.

Trend Smart Surfing protects users from online scams

Trend Smart Surfing is new security software for the Mac.

What you need to know about the Conficker worm

The Conficker worm is supposed to take active steps on Wednesday to protect itself against detection and removal. But if you use Mac OS X you have nothing to worry about -- unless you also use Boot Camp and/or Windows inside a virtual machine.

Inside Safari 3.2’s anti-phishing features

Apple's Safari 3.2 browser includes anti-phishing features... but how do they work? It turns out, they work by using Google's Safe Browsing technology. Not that Apple has admitted it or described how it works.