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Practice good online password security

Learn how hackers were able to access Governor Palin's Yahoo e-mail account, whether you should be worried about that, and what you can do to minimize the risks of the same thing happening to you.

AOL phisher gets seven year sentence

AOL Phisher Michael Dolan has been sentenced to seven years in prison.

Internet fraud: Many complaints, few repercussions

Two groups released research showing that despite tens of thousands of complaints by consumers, states rarely bring Internet-related fraud cases to court.

Phishing scam targets MobileMe users

Scammers are sending out fake e-mail messages to entice MobileMe users to divulge personal information.

More ways to protect yourself from phishing scams

Use the OpenDNS service, to give all your browsers—including Safari—protection from phishing attacks.

How sound is Consumer Reports’ Safari advice?

Safari, the most popular OS X web browser, lacks anti-phishing tools. So should you dump it in favor of a browser that includes such tools? Consumer Reports thinks so.