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Instagram updates iOS app with Photo Maps, more

Instagram on Thursday unveiled an overhauled version of its popular iOS app, one that lets users see their photographs arrayed on a map of where they were taken.

Weekly Wrap: Fix Mountain Lion bugs, avoid scary hacks

Don't look now, but summer's kind of winding down. Now's the time to go outside with your laptop or iOS device, and catch up on both the sun's rays and Macworld's biggest stories from the past week.

Pixelmator adds Retina, Mountain Lion support

Pixelmator on Thursday joined the growing list of Retina-ready apps to take advantage of the high-resolution screen on the new MacBook Pro.

Shrink image file sizes with ImageOptim

The free utility takes in your PNG, JPEG, and GIF files (including GIF animations) and optimizes them by shrinking their file sizes, often considerably. And it does so without affecting the image quality.

How to achieve Retina display-worthy photos for the new iPad

The new iPad's Retina display is stunning for photo exhibition. Photographer Derrick Story offers some tips to getting your photos ready for viewing.

Use Comic Life 2 to create comic strips with your own photos

Comic Life 2 turns your photos into comic book-style layouts, and it perfectly balances ease of use with a sense of fun.

Mastering albums in iPhoto for iOS

iPhoto for iOS sets up an album structure without user input. Here's how to take charge of organizing the app's photo albums.


PhotoSweeper is a simple and efficient utility for organizing photos

PhotoSweeper aims to help trim down your photo library by analyzing your photos and finding duplicate and similar images.

Use InstaBackup to backup Instagram shots to your Mac

InstaBackup is a handy utility that's well suited to Instagram power-users who want to back up their favorite lo-fi photos, or those who simply want a quick pain-free way to transfer their Instagram photos to their Mac.

Aperture 3.3 embraces Retina display and iPhoto

Aperture 3.3 is more than a simple dot upgrade. It features new Retina display support for the new MacBook Pro 15-inch laptop, a substantial performance boost, and a unified library structure for both iPhoto and Aperture.