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TechHive: What to do before your Kodak Gallery photos move to Shutterfly

Kodak Gallery customers will have their photos transferred on July 2 to a free Shutterfly account. That transition won't require much input from Kodak Gallery customers, but there are a few features you should take advantage of before there's no turning back. Our colleagues at TechHive show you how.

How to change photos from color to black and white in iPhoto for iOS

Classic black and white effect can add a touch of timelessness to your photos, or you can use it to show off dramatic shadows and color contrasts.


The fine art of computational photography and iOS

As smart phones and advanced processors give photographers new tools, computational photography—the art of combining images to create a single hyperrealistic one—will become easier and more popular.


Apple updates Aperture for Retina display

Apple updates photo management app for Retina display and adds interoperability with iPhoto

Hands on with Facebook Camera for iPhone

Facebook Camera looks a heck of a lot like Instagram. But it's seemingly aimed at a different crowd. Here's our hands-on.

Macworld Insider: Download our new Power Guides

As a gift to our Macworld subscribers, we've created the Macworld Power Guides, a set of five short ebooks on a variety of topics. They're now available for Insiders to download for free.

Adobe brings Lightroom 4 to the Mac App Store

The Mac App Store already has quite a few photo editing and cataloging software options, but on Thursday it gained one more: Lightroom 4. The app is Adobe's first heavyweight entry in Apple's store; previously, the company sold only its simpler, more compact line of programs.

Photoshop CS6 dazzles with technical prowess and artistic inspiration

Photoshop CS6's multitude of new technical and artistic features makes this version worth waiting for. Lesa Snider explores the highlights in her review.

How to capture great photos at concerts

When the spotlights turn on, the iPhones come out. Follow these basic tips to make your photos take main stage in your News Feed.


Weekly Wrap: Flashback malware, ebook litigation, and iPads for kids

The Department of Justice threw the book at Apple. Apple and several others threw their technical resources up against the Flashback virus. And Lex Friedman threw together this very edition of the Weekly Wrap, highlighting our most interesting and important stories from the past week.