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iOgrapher turns your iPad mini into a video rig

The iOgrapher support case could enhance your iPad mini's video capture capabilities.

Introducing TechHive's Digital Photography Superguide

TechHive's editors are proud to present the fifth edition of our Digital Photography Superguide. Whether you're a pro or someone looking to learn great photo basics, this book can help you get what you need.


Balancing ISO and digital noise for sharper low-light photos

The average camera's noise performance has improved dramatically in the past few years, enabling you to shoot at previously unheard-of, crazy-high ISOs and still get very usable photos.


Facebook, Twitter called out for deleting photo metadata

Photographers turning to social networks like Facebook and Twitter to promote their work may be losing the legal rights to their photos because the sites are deleting the images' metadata.

Can your smartphone really replace your point-and-shoot camera?

We pitted four popular smartphones against a Canon Elph and lived to tell the story.

phone taking picture

Get the most from your smartphone camera

These handy tips help make your smartphone the one camera you'll need in most situations.


Histograms help gauge your exposure as you shoot

Ensure that your photos pop with color and energy by using your camera's histogram feature.


Pro photographer smartphone shoot-out

We equipped three professional photographers with three different smartphones known to be the photo leaders of their respective mobile OSs, and asked them to use the phones at work for a few weeks. Here are some of the shots.


Review: Alt Photo for iPhone does filters differently

Alien Skin's Alt Photo photographic filter app takes an alternative approach to photo filtering.

Our roundup of new camera backpacks and messenger bags

Today's camera bags are more rugged, offer better protection, and often come with a surprising array of clever features.