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How to produce better sounding podcasts

You say your podcasts don't sound very good? It could be the equipment you're using and the techniques you've employed. Chris Breen has some advice.

Huffduffer saves Web audio to your own podcast stream

Jason Snell answers a surprisingly common question: How do you save random audio files so they can be played back in a podcast app?

How Apple could make GarageBand better for podcasters

In 2006 Apple added a bunch of podcasting features to GarageBand. Since then? Bupkis. Jason Snell says that with only a few feature additions, GarageBand could make the lives of podcasters much easier.

How we produce our podcasts

Chris Breen walks through Macworld's podcast workflow.

Blue aims for foolproof podcast audio with Nessie

Blue Microphones has a new mic, and this one's built for entry-level podcasters without a lot of audio skill.

How to create podcast chapters

You say you want to create a podcast that includes chapters? Chris Breen explains how.

Exporting uncompressed podcasts

Chris Breen shows you how to export an uncompressed podcast from GarageBand.

Turn your saved Instapaper articles into podcasts with Readomator

This Instapaper client converts your saved Instapaper articles into podcasts with iTunes.

TechHive: Fixing Apple's Podcasts app

Apple's Podcasts app isn't a terrible app, but it's definitely in need of some work. Christopher Breen lays out what the company can do to improve the program.

Remains of the Day: Once bitten

Some Lion users get bitten by a bug with the Mountain Lion update process, Apple products are hallmarks of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and you may soon be able to actually listen to Podcasts on your iOS device.