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TechHive: Fixing Apple's Podcasts app

Apple's Podcasts app isn't a terrible app, but it's definitely in need of some work. Christopher Breen lays out what the company can do to improve the program.

Remains of the Day: Once bitten

Some Lion users get bitten by a bug with the Mountain Lion update process, Apple products are hallmarks of the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and you may soon be able to actually listen to Podcasts on your iOS device.

Weekly Wrap: Haiku edition

Lots of reviews, how-to advice, and the latest Apple news from the past week -- all presented in haiku form.

Spotlight on Podcasts and Chrome for iOS

Apple and Google have made headlines in the last week with their mobile releases. We take a closer look at the Podcasts and Chrome apps for iOS.

Podcasts for iPhone and iPad

People new to podcasting will find this podcast manager from Apple useful and relatively easy to operate. But with its occasionally quirky interface and lack of features such as iTunes and subscription syncing, Podcasts is only a modestly capable first step.

Remains of the Day: Going the distance

In Asia, the iTunes Store is maneuvering and muscling for rank; Google+ for tablets is pouring through the turns; and one Twitter user points out that Apple is still thinking of the classic designer for whom it still burns.

Hands on with Apple's Podcasts for iOS

Apple on Tuesday released a new Podcasts app for iOS devices, centralizing podcast playback, discovery, and subscription into one location.

Remains of the Day: Super, man

Another iAd executive has been spotted leaving Apple, a tip shows you how to get the very most out of your Retina MacBook Pro, and iOS 6 could put podcasting front and center.

Finding the best iOS podcast manager in the App Store

Joel Mathis is on the lookout for a great third-party podcast manager for his iOS devices. His criteria: It works on multiple devices, it takes advantage of AirPlay, and it delivers more than just podcast playback. And the winner is...

Macworld Insider: Take our podcast poll

Would you like to see a Macworld Insider-only podcast from Macworld? Let us know what kind you'd be interested in.