Don't-Miss Stories

Use Skype and GarageBand to make a podcast that sounds great

Jason Snell has been going podcast wild the last year. Here are a bunch of tips based on what he's learned.

iCatcher for iPhone and iPad

For the total experience of discovering, organizing, and listening to podcasts, iCatcher is tough to top.

Thoughts on the Apple Retail Store

In this episode of the Macworld podcast, host Roman Loyola talks to Gary Allen of about the time before the Apple Store, the evolution of Apple Retail, and what makes the stores so popular.

Playing podcasts in chronological order

Want to play your podcasts in the order of their creation rather than the most recent first? Here's how.

How to record remote audio podcast interviews

With Skype and a $20 application you can record good-sounding remote interviews. Here's how.

OnCue 2.0 adds podcast support

OnCue, an app that lets music fans create and share playlists directly from their iPhone, has been updated with features that make for more flexible podcast listening.

Podcaster for iPhone

This app for finding, downloading, and listening to podcasts improves on the built-in functionality of your iPhone or iPod touch.

Google TV on the Logitech Revue

After months of hype, rumors, and misinformation, Google TV has arrived on the Logitech Revue. Find out everything you need to know about this set-top box, and how it will deliver the Web to your TV.

Manage podcasts in iTunes

iTunes has powerful tools for managing podcasts, and, of course, you can sync them to an iOS device, or listen to them on your Mac with iTunes. Let's take a look at how podcast subscriptions work, and how you use iTunes to efficiently manage your podcasts.

Analysis: Can the iPhone save higher education?

In the second year of its mobile learning project, Abilene Christian University is studying how the iPhone is changing the way teachers teach and students learn.