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Manage podcasts in iTunes

iTunes has powerful tools for managing podcasts, and, of course, you can sync them to an iOS device, or listen to them on your Mac with iTunes. Let's take a look at how podcast subscriptions work, and how you use iTunes to efficiently manage your podcasts.

Analysis: Can the iPhone save higher education?

In the second year of its mobile learning project, Abilene Christian University is studying how the iPhone is changing the way teachers teach and students learn.

Apple offers 'find out how' tutorials as podcasts

Apple has re-released the "find out how" tutorial videos from its site as podcasts. Presumably, more videos are on their way to keep aspiring i-everything users occupied.

This American Life launches iPhone app

Public radio’s ever-popular This American Life has announced a dedicated iPhone app. The app offers access to the show’s archive, lets users share favorites, and provides a few other extras.

Mac Pundit Showdown V: Tournament of Champions

We wrap up 2009, with a trio of Macworld editors battling to come up with snappy answers to stupid questions in the latest edition of Mac Pundit Showdown.

Macworld's favorite podcast tools

The days of recording a podcast with your MacBook's microphone are over. Look to these tools to help improve your sound.

WorldVoice Radio for iPhone

There is a lot of potential with this app, which lets you create and upload podcasts to share on the Web. But there are some shortcomings, particularly when it comes to the app's browser-based experience.

iTunes launches new Twitter accounts

The iTunes Store has created a quartet of new Twitter accounts to keep social networking users abreast of the latest developments in music, podcasts, movies, and TV.

Mac News Briefs: BoinxTV, Cinematize add Snow Leopard compatibility

Boinx added Snow Leopard compatibility to its BoinxTV video podcasting tool, while Miraizaon did the same for its Cinematize DVD movie clip extraction offerings. Also, Werck unveiled Checkout 3, and Zervix released the new PDF Checkpoint.

The $300 blogger challenge

Watch as Macworld editor Chris Breen tries to turn his Mac into a multimedia-savvy blogging platform without going over budget.