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Dealing with podcast glut

Yes, you can have too much of a good thing. If too many podcasts are the good thing in your digital life, here are some tips for dealing with them.

Mexico says bienvenido to iTunes Store

Apple has finally rolled out the iTunes Store in Mexico, more than six years after its initial launch in the U.S.

VoloMedia claims a patent on podcasting

Software developer VoloMedia has been awarded a U.S. patent that the company says covers the basic elements of podcasting.

Sound effects for all with Soundboard

Macworld's Pundit Showdown this week was powered by Soundboard, a clever new $29 utility from Ambrosia Software.

Autofill and keeping podcasts

Autofilling an iPod needn't delete all the content on it. Here's how to keep the media you want and autofill the rest.

Ambrosia releases Soundboard

Soundboard is a new audio utility from Ambrosia Software similar to a "cart machine" -- it's a sound loop app for live performances.

Mac News Briefs: Snowtape adds online radio directory

Snowtape, which an Internet radio recording app, now features an online radio directory that automatically updates once new stations are available. Profcast and SQLiteManager also saw new updates on Thursday.

ProfCast podcast tool adds .m4v export

ProfCast, the podcasting tool for lecturers and educators, adds MPEG-4 video support in its latest release.

iPhone OS 3.0 may lift limit on podcast downloads

A screenshot shows that iPhone OS 3.0 may lift the 10MB limit on podcasts downloaded over the cellular network.

iPhone OS 3.0 event video now available on iTunes

Apple's now posted the full iPhone 3.0 keynote event as a downloadable podcast on the iTunes Store.