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Review: iWeb ’09

iWeb ’09 is an excellent program for anyone wanting a personal Web site to share stories, photos, home movies, videos, podcasts, and blogs. Its improved uploading capabilities, easy-to-use widgets, and more straightforward interface will be worth the price of the upgrade.

Podcaster finally makes it to App Store as RSS Player

Podcaster, an app that Apple rejected from the App Store, is now for sale under a new name: RSS Player.

Textcast 1.0.2

Textcast is a clever utility that converts text into podcasts for on-the-go listening.

Review: Peak Pro 6

The latest version of Peak Pro features a variety of editing and playlist tweaks, new podcasting features, and still more bundled utilities and effects. These additions may please loyal users, but Peak Pro’s core editor hasn’t entirely kept pace with increased competition and evolving workflows.

Podcasting guide

With some good hardware and a few tips, you can create your own high-quality podcasts to share with the world.

Working with MobileMe and iLife

An important aspect of MobileMe is the way Apple’s online service integrates with its iLife suite of digital lifestyle applications. iWeb, iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand become extra powerful when used in conjunction with a MobileMe subscription. In this excerpt from Take Control of MobileMe, Joe Kissell shows you some of the things you can do with iLife and MobileMe.

iTunes Store lists most popular items for 2008

A new page listing the top iTunes Store downloads for 2008 is now available.

iPhone finally gets its podcasts in order

With the 2.2 update, the iPhone and iPod touch finally let you listen to podcasts in chronological order.

One-touch GarageBand sound effects

Seeking a way to trigger up to 16 sounds effects for your podcast? GarageBand can do the trick.

Differentiating ‘new’ and ‘recent’ podcasts

Why are your new podcast episodes routinely booted off your iPhone or iPod? Because once you play a second of them, their newness disappears.