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PowerPoint 2008 vs. Keynote ‘08

We asked Franklin N. Tessler—our go-to expert on presentation programs—to use PowerPoint 2008 and Keynote ‘08 to create the same project, progressing from the basics (data entry and formatting) to more-advanced features.

Keynote update better handles large documents

Apple has updated Keynote to 4.0.3, and this update better handles large documents.

Keynote Objects FX 2.0 released

Keynote Objects 2.0 is a collection of rendered 3D objects for use in Apple Keynote or Pages presentations.

Google plugs along in apps market

Jonathan Rochelle, senior product manager for Google Docs, talks to IDG News Service about various challenges, like Microsoft’s threat in the hosted space and the difficulty of supporting millions of users.

Themes FX 3.0 for Keynote released

Keynote Themes FX 3.0 is a newly updated collection of animated themes used for Apple Keynote.

Kensington SlimBlade Mice

Dan Frakes looks at two new multi-purpose mobile mice from Kensington.

Spice up your slides

Tired of rehashing the same static presentations? Consider adding movement. Used judiciously, animations can add power and pizzazz to your presentations, and they can often illustrate a point better than words alone.

Apple updates Numbers, Pages and Keynote

Apple has released updates for iWork addressing compatibility with Mac OS X.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2008

Whether you’re using PowerPoint by necessity or choice, the latest version’s new additions are useful, and produce attractive results. Unfortunately, Mac users still miss out on capabilities available to Windows users and the intuitive interface of Keynote.

Expo Notes: Office gets its day in the sun

Microsoft got a jump start at Macworld Expo, with a 10-hour session devoted to the ins and outs of its new Office 2008 release.