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Intel files appeal against European antitrust fine

In its appeal of the European Commission's antitrust ruling, Intel argues that the regulator failed to consider evidence supporting the chip maker's arguments.

EU fine drops Intel's quarterly net income $2 billion

Intel announced its second-quarter earnings, which were affected by the fine imposed by the European Union in May.

Intel may release new Nehalem chips next month

Intel may be set to release new chips for servers and mainstream laptops and desktops.

Intel is working with Google on Chrome OS

Intel says it is on board with Google's Chrome OS project.

Intel's chip renaming strategy meets resistance

Intel's strategy to rename its chips has seen some opposition from chip enthusiasts, who find the new naming convention even more confusing.

T-Mobile Netherlands spills the beans on iPhone 3G S specs

T-Mobile Netherlands has listed the technical specifications of the iPhone 3G S, including the processor speed and amount of onboard memory, on its website.

Intel pushes low-power chips for sleeker laptops

Intel ships an ultra low-voltage processor for affordable ultrathin laptops.

Intel's Nehalem EX to gain error correction technology

Intel on Tuesday said the Nehalem server processor will include error correction features that ensure reliable server performance.

Apple quietly bumps white MacBook specs

On Wednesday, Apple quietly gave a slight speed bump to the $999 white polycarbonate MacBook, improving the processor, RAM, and hard drive of the configuration.

World Tech Update

In this week’s show Atlantis launches to fix Hubble, the European Commission fines Intel, iRobot ships bots to the battlefield, Kabul gets WiMax, a Thai hospital boosts safety with robots and eye tracking systems go open source.