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World Tech Update

In this week’s show Atlantis launches to fix Hubble, the European Commission fines Intel, iRobot ships bots to the battlefield, Kabul gets WiMax, a Thai hospital boosts safety with robots and eye tracking systems go open source.

Is Apple barking up the wrong tree with Grand Central?

Vendors are scrambling to provide developer tools to support multicore CPUs, but customer demand is heading in the other direction, writes Neil McAllister of InfoWorld.

Intel: Antitrust agencies are testing the limits

Antitrust regulators around the world, led chiefly by the EC, are testing the limits of the law in their pursuit of Intel, a senior company executive said.

EU antitrust ruling against Intel due next Wednesday

Next Wednesday, the EC is expected to punish computer chip-maker Intel for stifling competition from smaller rivals.

Apple hints at launch of Nehalem-based Xserve

An Apple Web site has hinted at the launch of Nehalem-based Xserve rack-mount servers.

Atom netbook chip propels Intel to top of market

Intel's Atom microprocessor helped it increase market share against rival AMD last year.

Intel raises the bar in server chips with Nehalem

Intel’s Nehalem-based Xeon server chips are a major architectural jump that offers novel ways of improving system performance, analysts said.

Apple jump-starts Nehalem launch for Intel

Apple took a step ahead of Intel in launching the chip maker’s quad-core Xeon chips with Tuesday’s Mac Pro announcements.

Intel updates laptop, desktop chip plans

Intel will skip the 45-nanometer process and switch to 32-nm for dual-core desktop and laptop processors.

Intel to invest $7 billion in US plants

Intel said it would invest $7 billion to revamp three U.S. plants, as CEO Paul Otellini called on other companies to make similar investments to battle the ongoing recession.